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Our Services

Other than mining and production which is our core business, we offer the following services;

  • Supply of gold bullion, dust and nuggets: We have a proven track record for the consistent supply of pure, unrefined gold ore in its finest form. This consistency we achieve not only in the course of our mining production, but also in the resale and purchaseof gold ore.
  • Gold Assaying: We provide independent assay services at our office to external bodies’ intent on establishing gold composition and fineness before purchase and / or sale.
  • Refining services:We offer refining services to would-be and gold owners, purifying the composition of each and every ounce, to achieve 999.9% purity.
  • Smelting services: We offer smelting services for 1 kilo-bar and 12.5 kilo-bar size respectively, also for Jewelry and gold coin.

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